3 G HS

  • OPC Presskeramik von Jeneric/Pentron

With 3G HS All-Ceramic System you will get an affordable and miscellaneous solution for your laboratory. 
Through to user-friendly proceeding you will receive a very nice product without any esthetical or fitting problems in connection with alternative techniques.  
Without any effort an esthetical nice glass ceramic restoration can be manufactured. With the 3G HS pellets and the further developed colour system a ceramist is able to produce really beautiful, natural restorations. 
3G HS Coating Ceramic. In the fact of colour accuracy and esthetic the 3G HS Coating Ceramic has thermal been adjusted to the 3G HS Pellets. The 3G HS lot is available in 24 dentin colours and also compatible for the usage of YTZP-Zirconium oxide framework.   The powder it pigmented so that the dental technician can distinguish the lot of the pellets better as well as the separate ceramic layers at the segment build-up. Our unique opacity and translucency table has turned out as reliable and user-friendly during layering the ceramic. 
You will appreciate the comfortable handling of the crystal free 3G HS Ceramic. Due to the material the technician will gain a high-gloss appearance and at the same time the restoration is highly antagonist-friendly.  

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