Avanté Z

Avanté Z Zirkonkeramik

The zirconium ceramic AVANTÈ Z is applicable for all Y-TZP zirconium workframe materials with the WAK-area between 10-11.

Due to the fact that zirconium restorations do look different on the model as in the patients’ mouth is the technique very often more unpredictable as the metal ceramic. The AVANTÉ Z System offers you a reliable colouring and esthetic independent from the colour of framework and the used technique which means layering or pressing. The thin layer of Avanté Z Stains (0, 01 mm-0, 03 mm) is esthetically advantageous, as unnecessary place loss is avoided.


Whether layered or pressed AVANÉ Z ensures an excellent connection to the zirconium framework. The excellent connection has been proofed in microscopic quality and quantity with the Schwickarth test as well as scientifically substantial proofed and acknowledged.

The achieved goal of the development of AVANTÉ Z Zirconium Ceramic System is the synergy between stability and esthetic without any loosing on the strength of the zirconium oxide framework. All layering mass and press pellets have a lifelike fluorescence.

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