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arti stains LFS  Malfarben Jeneric/Pentron

artiStains LFS Painting colours are compatible with all ceramics which are on the market. They cover the temperature area of 720-920°C.

The artiStain LFS Colour System has been developed to be able to modify all colours with the colour ring system. ArtiStain LFS Colours can be used with low fusing ceramic mass for eg 3G HS layering ceramic and also with every high fusing for eg SYNSPAR, AVANTÉ and OPC and also with any zirconium ceramic for eg AVANTÉ Z. To assure a controlled colouring or modification the artiStain LFS Kit is built up logically and understandable.

In addition to the many colours, artiStains assigns through the very thin particle size, which forms an exceeding fineness consistence and good colour saturation for the handling and mixing of colours. The firing stability of metal oxide even on repeated firing processes assures you the security to gain the desired result.

artiStains LFS paining colours are a logical and thought-out universal ceramic colour painting system which is adequate  for all ceramics and temperature areas.

A specific colouring, colour correction or characterization is easy and without any problems practicable due to the classification into the areas CHROMA, HUE and VALUE. The colours are absolutely firing stable which means before firing and after firing totally identical.

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